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just some place without mold in every dark corner
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Seite lohnt nicht, eher wie facebook und nicht wie soup
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New "soup" -edit its shit. nothing like soup at all :|

im still testing it but this where you find me in the mean time, feel free to join me - and maybe some other folks
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Enough is enough.

It has been clear for a while that whoever maintains soup doesn't give a fuck anymore; constant "unexpected maintenance" (was there ever an expected one?), zero communication with the community, when something stops working it takes days - weeks even - to get a fix (which, if my guess is correct, is restarting one of the services that has crashed), not to mention lack of any new features (besides the NSFW button, which no one asked for). This sucks.

I won't quit right away, but starting today I will be far less active here. I have moved to Mastodon (link here) where I continue to do the same thing I did there, which is sharing whatever crap I manage to find on the internet. Mastodon has it's own set of problems - 500 character limit (which I guess they picked up from twitter), 4MB for images, 8MB for videos, the community is full of faggots, but it has two major advantages: a) it's not tumblr, b) IT FUCKING WORKS. It's also possible to make your own instance, which sure beats my approach of trying to recreate everything from scratch.
It's really a shame, since soup at it's very core is pretty great and I don't regret the time I've spend here (I believe I registered at the end of 2011), but even my patience has it's limits. The only thing I'm glad about in all of this is that I never gave any money to the site because I'd give it right before that crash which erased all posts from 2016 and beyond that paying for anything here has been pointless for the reasons outlined above.
Feel free to follow me on Mastodon if you want to stay in touch.
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McD cant stay neutral if they would they would eventually go away, its just marketing if you are in peoples mouth its mostly good for you, even if say 75% didn't like your message probably over 80% don't care enough to stop going.

the problem with this conversation right here is that we don't have the data, so i can say "I'm sure it's worth it" because the backlash on the internet still doesn't mean much in the real world its people trying to make it about them but in reality they will still go to McD
but that's just me talking out of my ass.

Also; marketing is not always about growth, especially for bigger companys it's more trying to be in the mind of people and here it is enough to just get your name said over and over again not many.

They are showing the flag thats their support if I dont watch soccer but i still want express my support i put a fucking 50cent flag on my car of the team i want to support.

> the medium is important
Well how often do you see anyone walking around with that shitty greasy paper filled with fries, right all the fucking time, you see them lying around because ppl are too lazy to throw them away properly, so the medium is a very good on in terms of "spreading the message"

it comes down a Point of view.
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